Quoridor, puzzlegame for Android

Game and this webpage are in progress

The game of Quoridor has simple rules but great depth. After 20 years, it's time for a decent multiplayer version on Android.

Google Play Games supplies an API to allow for easy handling of technical details regarding (turnbased) multiplayer games, which we use in our app.

In short, this works by passing around a gamestate and every turn, a player has the possibility (obligation!) to modify this gamestate.

Every turn, a player has the choice to move his pawn, or place a wall on the board.

First move, red has 3 highlighted options.

Red selects one of the possible moves.

Green proposes a wall to block red.

Walls cannot be placed on top of eachother.

Every player must have a path to reach the other side. Walls that block paths are not allowed.

Players can jump over one another. The game calculates these possible moves.

Standard Play Games overview screen.

At the start of a player's turn, all possible wallplacements and pawnplacements are calculated. For walls a recursive algorithm determines whether or not for all players the endline can be reached. For the pawn destinations several rules are applied (jumps, turns when walls are reached, etc).

The board's gridsize is 9x9 currently, but is completely flexible.